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We made is safely to our 1st of many destinations. We are now here in West by God Virginia the "wild & wonderful" state! We are currently located near Sherwood Lake National Park inside the Monongahela National Forest.

 There are roughly 15-20 "dispersed" sites available outside the National Park for FREE camping. Several of the sites sit along side the beautiful Meadow Creek, other sites are within walking distance to the creek and then there are sites nestled back in the woods with no access to running water. These sites are all primitive sites with no utilities. 
 At least three of the dispersed sites are set up to be used as group sites which can hold as many as 3-5 families and still have plenty of room and possibly more if you don't mind camping close to each other. Or you can spread out on the site and have it all to yourself.  The sites used to be marked with number post at the end of the road into the site, however most of those are now gone.
 We are currently the only campers in the dispersed sites and it's a mile from our site to the next one so we have tons of privacy! However, once the weekend rolled around several campers took up residence in a few of the other free sites. This is officially "off" season so theirs no entry fee to the park right now & only one paid campground is open inside Sherwood National Park during off season. And it currently has a fee of $20 a night. The camping is right on the lake and the camp sites are very nice not to mention the amazing views & fishing too. Each site has a picnic table and lantern post. Most sites have a tent pad set up. ( out of state fishing license was $19 for the 1st day and $3 each additional day ).
 This morning is our 11th morning waking up here in the free "dispersed" camp site. And I couldn't ask for a more beautiful location then right here, we are nestled back in the woods with our tent sitting right against the creek.
 Hey did you here that, what was it.... oh listen closely, and you might here it to, the sound of a creek bubbling across the rocks, the breeze softly blowing through the forest trees & the sound of the leaves as they gently fall to the mossey ground, covering the forest floor with amazing fall colors. It truly doesn't get much better than this!
 Some may think that this "lifestyle" is gross, icky or stinky but I love it!!! I think I was born in the wrong generation. I think i would have done very well back in the pioneer days. Washing and bathing in the creek, building fires to cook with as well as for warmth, hiking to find the next days fire wood, sitting around the fire at night and listening to the animals in the woods around me and trying to figure out what they are. This... yes this, is the life! No t.v., internet, or cell service. Just me, my hubby James, and our dog Roscoe enjoying the moment!!!
 So here is my question for you today. Have you become so wrapped up in today's "now" generation that you can no longer see the beauty in every day life?
 Have you stopped lately for more than 30 minutes to sit and just take in the world around you? You don't have to go deep into the woods like us.You just need to do it, just take 30 minutes wherever you are in life. Go sit under your favorite tree, find a pocket park in downtown amidst all the hussle and bustle of your city life, a local park down the street or around the corner, even your own backyard or heck your neighbors yard ( with permission of course ) but just find a spot and enjoy the moment! 
 So soak in that moment, because after all moments are all we have in this thing we call life, and before we know it all those moments are gone! All our children are grown up and moved out, our parents are fading away or they may already have passed on, friends have moved away or passed, our bodies have become old and weak and we look back at our life and realize we let moments slip past us. Moments we can NEVER get back no matter how hard we try.
 "Moments are like creek water in our hands spilling through our fingers and, no matter how hard we try to hold on to it we can't."
 So hold your loved ones close and tell them often how much you love them, cross off those things on that bucket list, and have no regrets!!! Live your life to its fullest, chase after those dreams & for goodness sakes laugh!!! Laugh more, cause after all, laughter is great medicine!!!
So I will end this blog on a silly note. So far I have had zero falls but hubby has had two in the creek. I have opened up the van door into myself thinking I was opening the sliding door but I had ahold of the drivers door hitting myself with the door in my chest. While gathering fire wood I yanked on a stick which came loose clubbing me in the head. I found a mouse nest in the food box and, upon removal found said mouse and began screaming for hubby to get it, all while he was laughing at me. Then later when i am walking around the cook tent I did the "OMG SNAKE DANCE" all while screaming snake snake snake, snake, snake & high stepping like a Clydesdale and hubby informs me "oh it's only a Gardner snake" to which I said "it's a SNAKE"!!! 
 I hope you got a giggle or two from our silly camp life adventures!
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The Greenbrier Hotel & Resort: http://www.greenbrier.com/
Hearts Run & Greenbrier State Park: https://wvstateparks.com/park/greenbrier-state-forest/


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